point 20 planing location

All of the pictures are taken from google maps to illustrate where I will be shooting my music video. The first picture is from my own land. I chose that location because it’s very pretty and I easily have access to that. It fits well with my genre because it looks very pretty and romantic. 

This picture is private so I might have to seek permission. This road is also where they filmed episodes from the James Bond movie. This road will be used in my music video when the actor in my music video will drive a car. 

This picture is close to my grandmother’s house. I will use this location in my movie at the end when the actor is driving off. I might have to seek permission to film here.

This is a picture of my house and I will be filming indoors in the middle of the movie – just before the end. The scene will be when there is a rose on the bed. 

This Hampton Court, I will be trying to film at the back of the river, I just need to ask my sister if that would be possible. This will be in the middle of the movie, I will be filming the actos (my sister) walking by the river.

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