Point 11 Draft Statement of Intent

The concept of my video features a young woman who is the central character. The idea is that someone is thinking about her as she makes her way through a forest/ a garden. In her hand she is holding a rose and it looks like she is thinking about somebody. The rose represents somebody as she holds it towards her body but we don’t get to see who this other person is. As to who this person is is left to the audience’s imagination.

She then drives off with the rose in the front passenger seat. She is then seen in a garden overlooking a pond with the light reflecting on the water. At the end she has the rose with her in her bedroom. And she is still trying to find or in love or even looking for love. Then she goes into the forest to find another rose. The message of the video is showing that someone is in love or looking for love. To attract my audience I will make an interesting intro by using special effects when I edit the video. The audience that will watch my video is hard to pinpoint down, it will probably be a mixture of older and younger people. I do believe that there would be more girls to watch it, as it is a romantic video. The record company that produced my song is a universal music group. One of the core values that universal music groups have is creativity, I will be creative in terms of both filming and editing the music video. I will use mise en scene when I consider the lightning, I’m planning filming in the afternoon when light is a bit dusky. The stage will be quite simple with a natural setting on a field or in a park.


I will have a link to my music video on my website, the link would be easily accessible just under the heading so that everyone can see it. I will also place my logo on the top of my website so that it’s the first thing you see. I will attract my audience by linking my website on my blog, I would also put my website onto google. I would probably also use my social media to advertise my website. My website design will be quite simplistic, it should be easy to find your way around it. 

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