Virgin records

It’s history

Virgin Records Ltd was a British independent record label founded by entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and Tom Newman in 1972.  Virgin Records America, Inc. was the company’s North American operations founded in 1986. Branson and Powell started off with owning a record shop, the shop got quite famous as Branson and Powell started to offer bean bags and free vegetarian food to its customers who listened to the records they had on offer. After making it into a success, they turned their business into a record company. The name Virgin was Tessa Watts idea, a colleague of Richard Branson, when they were brainstorming business ideas.  She suggested Virgin – as they were all new to business – like “virgins”

who owns it

The owner of virgin records is sir Richard Branson

what other media business is owns (vertical and horizontal integration)

Virgin group own all of the companies below. Virgin group is a collection of companies owned by Powell and Branon. 

Virgin Sports100%

SportsVirgin Unite100%

CharityVirgin Startup


Virgin Vacations100%

Travel, Tour Operator

Virgin Voucher100%Retail

Virgin Voyages49%Travel, Cruise line

The company’s mission statement

Virgin groups are trying to make decisions based on changing businesses for the better.  Virgin are the best company and everyone should buy Virgin products. 

“Don’t ever let anyone prevent you from dreaming. Imagination is one of our greatest gifts.”

Richard Branson

Other smaller record companies (labels) it owns (also called subsidiaries)

Front line records 

Caroline Records

Siren Records 

Circa Records

The company’s biggest stars

David bowie

Phil collins

Daft punk

George michael

Boy george

Robbie williams

The genres of music the company publishes.

Virgin records publish various genres of music

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