Why i have chosen these 3 music videos point 6

The first video I chose was the music video for the song Crazy. The reason I like it is because it is very plain, you see what is going on in the video easier. The background is all white and you can just see him singing. The special effects are quite interesting, especially in the beginning when it looked like the woman was running at him. Another special special effect that I liked was that they made copies of Seal. The video was released in 1991 and it has a lot of special effects for being that old of a video. The video illustrates the song title well, as the song is called crazy and there is snow coming down while Seal is holding a bird in his hand for example.

The second video I chose was the music video of the song at the beginning. The reason I like this video is because it’s more colourful. This video also has some special effects,  which is interesting considering the video was made 1991, such as reversing backwards etc. Another special effect that I really like was the blurry effect used when Seal was standing in the boat. There is also another scene that I liked when he scattered gold leaves and reversed the scene. 

The third video I chose was a video from the song love’s divine. The meaning of the music video was quite emotional. Some people could be affected by it, a lot of people could probably relate to what he sings about – about losing and gaining faith in god. For example, there is a woman with cancer taking her wig off. Not a lot of special effects, some fading effects but in general the video was made quite simple.

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