Potential song?

Just the two of us – Bill Withers

His real name is William Harison Withers junior 

Born 4th july 1938 in slab fork west virginia USA

His mother was a maid and his father was a minor

He was born with a stutter which affected his life and he did not feel like he fitted in his parents were divorced when he was 3 and his father died when he was 13 he was raised by his mothers family at the age of 17 he joined the us navy and suved for 9 years.

His first record was released in 1967 with little success he worked for several companies including IMB and Ford while he recorded demo taps and performed in clubs at night and he died in 2020 

As it was pre mtv there were no music videos and they were done i the late 70s

 Everywhere-Fleetwood mac

Fleetwood mac found in london in 1967 by mick fleetwood n a peter green and jeremy spencer john mcvie joined the band soon after and danny karwn join in 1968 kristen mcvie (nee perfect) had been a session musician following her marriage to john in 1970 following the departure of guitarist and vocalist and lindsey buckingham and stevie nicks joined the band in 1974.

The music was in the album tango in the night in 1987 it was the 5th single in the album in the UK reaching number 4 in the charts the style fleetwood ac use is sad in a way because most of their songs are about breaking up and getting back together and they use quite a lot of props.

 Kiss from a rose-Seal

seal ‘s real name is henry olusegun adeola samuel born 19th February 1963 in Paddington mother is nigeria and his father was afro-brizilan he sang in London bar and clubs in the early 80s and in 1987 he joined push and toured with them in japan whilst in Thailand and joined a blues band and on separating from them he spent time traveling through India on his own he met music producer adamski and performed the lyrics form killer killer reach number 1 in the charts and seal then signed to ztt records releasing and self title album in 1991 he released his second album seal 2 released in 1994 kissed from a rose was her third single released from the album an did not sell particular well until it was remixed in the soundtrack for Batman forever when it became a uk number 4 his music videos are quite dark and minimalist and there is not much there but in some of the videos there are some bits of color. 

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