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Welcome to My media blog.

welcome to my 2021 media blog

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point 20 planing location

All of the pictures are taken from google maps to illustrate where I will be shooting my music video. The first picture is from my own land. I chose that location because it’s very pretty and I easily have access to that. It fits well with my genre because it looks very pretty and romantic. …

Point 12 My mood bored

I chose the picture of the rose as it is a very central part of my music video, as the music video is called “a kiss from a rose”. The picture of the field represents where my music video will be filmed. A field fits well in with the genre as a field is very…

Point 11 Draft Statement of Intent

The concept of my video features a young woman who is the central character. The idea is that someone is thinking about her as she makes her way through a forest/ a garden. In her hand she is holding a rose and it looks like she is thinking about somebody. The rose represents somebody as…

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